About Daniel, from Anna
Daniel has a way of making everything about life better. His wit, loyalty, and nurturing nature are just a few of the many traits that make him such an incredible husband and business partner. He can make anyone laugh and immediately feel like they've been lifelong friends. He is warm and inviting, and takes time to truly get to know everyone he encounters. He has a confidence about him that inspires me, and he isn't afraid to dream big. He encourages me in all that I do and I can’t imagine a more supportive partner.

About Anna, from Daniel
Anna is the warmest, kindest, and most joyful person I've ever met. She has a smile that projects those feelings, and it was the first thing I fell in love with. She makes everyone around her feel so loved and taken care of. She’s also one of the most determined and driven people I know. Her ability to stay focused on whatever she's trying to achieve is incredibly inspiring to me--once she nails down a clear vision for what she's trying to accomplish, there's little that can keep her from pursuing that goal. I feel very blessed to have her as a partner in life and business.

the greatest adventure of your relationship is ahead. Our hope is that you’ll love your photos when you snuggle up on your couch to see them for the first time, as well as when you’re turning the pages of your wedding album with your grandchildren. We hope these are the pictures that you’ll be encouraged by when the going gets tough, and that you’ll be grateful for them as your sweet wedding day memories grow a little fuzzier as the years go by. These are more than just photographs to you--and they are more to us too, because we know they can have the power to encourage your marriage...all the days of your life. 

We believe that marriage is a gift, and it is our privilege to witness and capture the beginning of yours. 

When we’re capturing your wedding day, we’re not just thinking about the timeline and the shot list. As your mom buttons up your dress, we see the love and pride in her eyes and wonder what memories of your childhood may be running through her mind. When you turn the corner to see your beloved for the first time on your special day, we’re thinking of the way you’ll relive this moment--next week, next year, and a thousand times over the next fifty years. As you exchange your vows, we hear the love and devotion in your voices and glance at each other and smile because we know that these words mean something--a lot, in fact--and that 


We met when we were freshmen in college, but it wasn't until second semester sophomore year that we started dating. If you ever want to hear the full story ask us about it, it's a funny one! 


November 3rd, 2012 we said our vows by a small lake nestled in the North Georgia Mountains. It was a beautiful fall day surrounded by our closest friends and family.


January 2016 Daniel joined the business full-time, we sold the majority of our belongings, packed up the necessities and moved into a 28 ft. travel trailer to begin living on the road full-time.


We spent the next fourteen months working, traveling and learning how to do life + business together (in 200 sq ft on wheels)! Daniel's favorite destination was Yosemite National Park and any place surrounded by beautiful mountains. I realized...


I'm drawn to any location that includes water. A few of my favorite destinations from over the years include Ireland, the Amalfi Coast, Santorini, Mexico, California and the Caribbean.


The best part about our travel adventure was that our sweet Bella accompanied us. She sunbathed at the Grand Canyon, swam in the Pacific ocean, and hiked the Rocky Mountains. She loved every minute of it and we're forever grateful that our last year with her was full of so many amazing memories. 


April 2017 we purchased our first home in Athens, Georgia. It's a little two bedroom, one bath, light filled in-town cottage that is perfect for us! We're so excited about planting roots in such an amazing place and can't wait see what the future holds for our family here!


At 12:41 am on August 25th, 2017 we welcomed our precious baby boy, Arthur, into the world. Daniel is an amazing Dad and watching him with Arthur brings so much joy to my heart.



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