A Precious Little Life

Today I’m making my way back to St. Simons and I can’t wait to see this sweet little face! My nephew has got to be the cutest thing around and I’m so grateful that my sister lets me photograph him when I’m in town. Every time I see him he’s learned something new and grown into more of a little man! He has the most precious smile, I mean, look at him! If there’s a little one in your life make sure to document this sweet time, they won’t stay little forever! Anna_Shackleford_family_portraits_fine_art_0001 Anna_Shackleford_family_portraits_fine_art_0002 Anna_Shackleford_family_portraits_fine_art_0003 Anna_Shackleford_family_portraits_fine_art_0004 Anna_Shackleford_family_portraits_fine_art_0005

Contax 645 | Portra 400 | Richard Photo Lab

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