Arthur’s Seat Edinburgh Scotland Wedding Photographer

When Marilisa and I realized that our trips to Scotland were overlapping we knew we had to do a session together! Marilisa is a wedding planner here in Atlanta and if you’re looking for a planner click over to Chancey Charm, these ladies are amazing! She was visiting with her husbands family to celebrate his parents 30th anniversary. Arthurs Seat was on their list of to-do list and we decided that it would be the perfect place for their shoot!

If you’ve never heard of Arthurs Seat before it’s a dormant volcano in the middle of Edinburgh, surrounded by the city. When you stand on a peak you can hear and see the ocean on one side and the city on the other, it’s absolutely stunning. As we walked around I couldn’t believe that we had the opportunity to do this. Marilisa and Taylor thank you for making time to visit with me while you were on vacation! 

Contax 645 | Portra 400 | The Find Lab
Anna_K_Photography_Anna_Shackleford_Arthurs_Seat_Scotland_Anniversary_Session_Fine_Art_Film_Photographer_0001 Anna_K_Photography_Anna_Shackleford_Arthurs_Seat_Scotland_Anniversary_Session_Fine_Art_Film_Photographer_0002 Anna_K_Photography_Anna_Shackleford_Arthurs_Seat_Scotland_Anniversary_Session_Fine_Art_Film_Photographer_0003 Anna_K_Photography_Anna_Shackleford_Arthurs_Seat_Scotland_Anniversary_Session_Fine_Art_Film_Photographer_0004 Anna_K_Photography_Anna_Shackleford_Arthurs_Seat_Scotland_Anniversary_Session_Fine_Art_Film_Photographer_0005 Anna_K_Photography_Anna_Shackleford_Arthurs_Seat_Scotland_Anniversary_Session_Fine_Art_Film_Photographer_0006Anna_K_Photography_Anna_Shackleford_Arthurs_Seat_Scotland_Anniversary_Session_Fine_Art_Film_Photographer_0007Anna_K_Photography_Anna_Shackleford_Arthurs_Seat_Scotland_Anniversary_Session_Fine_Art_Film_Photographer_0012Anna_K_Photography_Anna_Shackleford_Arthurs_Seat_Scotland_Anniversary_Session_Fine_Art_Film_Photographer_0011Anna_K_Photography_Anna_Shackleford_Arthurs_Seat_Scotland_Anniversary_Session_Fine_Art_Film_Photographer_0008Anna_K_Photography_Anna_Shackleford_Arthurs_Seat_Scotland_Anniversary_Session_Fine_Art_Film_Photographer_0009Anna_K_Photography_Anna_Shackleford_Arthurs_Seat_Scotland_Anniversary_Session_Fine_Art_Film_Photographer_0013

  1. Jill Powers says:

    AHHHH!!! I’m obsessed with these, Anna!!! SO SO SO beautiful!!!

  2. Marilisa says:

    You are so sweet Anna! Thank you again for capturing such a treasured memory. Your clients are blessed to have someone so generous and joyful to capture their love!

  3. Evie Perez says:

    Girl these are drop dead gorgeous!!! I have to say I think this is one of my fav sessions!! You go girl!!

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