Atlanta Winter Engagement


January 8, 2016

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Christmas time in Georgia was pretty warm this year and we didn’t mind one bit! During the holidays I met up with Lizzy and Matt for the first time for their engagement session and I just loved spending time with these two! They’re so happy together and you can’t help but smile when you’re around them!

We all attended the same college and while our paths never crossed it was fun to hear about their experiences. Lizzy took on the task of making fourteen corn hole sets for a fundraising for her sorority. That’s right, fourteen! I can only imagine how much time and patience that takes and when Lizzy needed an extra set of hands Matt came to the rescue. Their friendship turned into more a few months later and these two have been together ever since! 

Lizzy and Matt thank you so much for taking time out of your holiday to roam around Kennesaw National Battlefield with me! We can’t wait for your wedding in the fall! 

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