Central Park New York | Kendrick & Mike

This past weekend Daniel and I packed up our bags, left sweet Bell with our neighbor and made the trip to New York City. It was our second time to the city and somehow we managed to visit on the perfect weekend. When we first arrived Thursday morning the trees were sparse, Saturday everything started to bloom and it was breathtaking. We couldn’t have picked a better weekend if we tried. The city was so beautiful and I’m so thankful to have had the opportunity to document Kendrick and Mike in their hometown. 

These two are getting married this winter in Atlanta and when Kendrick mentioned that they’d like to do their engagement session in the city we were happy to make the trip. Mike proposed in Central Park last November. It’s always neat to explore a place with a couple and have the opportunity to hear their story. I’ve known Kendrick since our college days and it’s such a gift to see her so happy. Kendrick and Mike thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule to roam the park with me, I loved spending time with you two!

Anna_Shackleford_Anna_K_Photography_Central_Park_New_York_City_NY_Skyline_0001 Anna_Shackleford_Anna_K_Photography_Central_Park_New_York_City_NY_Skyline_0002 Anna_Shackleford_Anna_K_Photography_Central_Park_New_York_City_NY_Skyline_0003 Anna_Shackleford_Anna_K_Photography_Central_Park_New_York_City_NY_Skyline_0004 Anna_Shackleford_Anna_K_Photography_Central_Park_New_York_City_NY_Skyline_0006 Anna_Shackleford_Anna_K_Photography_Central_Park_New_York_City_NY_Skyline_0007 Anna_Shackleford_Anna_K_Photography_Central_Park_New_York_City_NY_Skyline_0008 Anna_Shackleford_Anna_K_Photography_Central_Park_New_York_City_NY_Skyline_0009Anna_Shackleford_Anna_K_Photography_Central_Park_New_York_City_NY_Skyline_0010Anna_Shackleford_Anna_K_Photography_Central_Park_New_York_City_NY_Skyline_0011Anna_Shackleford_Anna_K_Photography_Central_Park_New_York_City_NY_Skyline_0015Anna_Shackleford_Anna_K_Photography_Central_Park_New_York_City_NY_Skyline_0012Anna_Shackleford_Anna_K_Photography_Central_Park_New_York_City_NY_Skyline_0013Anna_Shackleford_Anna_K_Photography_Central_Park_New_York_City_NY_Skyline_0014Anna_Shackleford_Anna_K_Photography_Central_Park_New_York_City_NY_Skyline_0018Anna_Shackleford_Anna_K_Photography_Central_Park_New_York_City_NY_Skyline_0016Anna_Shackleford_Anna_K_Photography_Central_Park_New_York_City_NY_Skyline_0017Anna_Shackleford_Anna_K_Photography_Central_Park_New_York_City_NY_Skyline_0020Anna_Shackleford_Anna_K_Photography_Central_Park_New_York_City_NY_Skyline_0021Anna_Shackleford_Anna_K_Photography_Central_Park_New_York_City_NY_Skyline_0022Anna_Shackleford_Anna_K_Photography_Central_Park_New_York_City_NY_Skyline_0023

  1. Lauren Swann says:

    These are so fun, Anna!!!

  2. Mary Marantz says:

    these are SO gorgeous Anna!!! LOVE!

  3. Anna these are truly so beautiful, NYC has never looked so good! I just love the variety that you capture and how you make all of your couples look so effortless. And what a gorgeous couple! 🙂

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