Charlotte Wedding Photographer | Allison & Jason

A few weeks ago we packed up our car and sweet Bell and headed to Charlotte, North Carolina for Allison and Jason’s engagement session! Allison has one of the kindest hearts and when I met her almost three years ago at small group I never imagined I’d have the opportunity to photograph her wedding a few years later. Jason is kind, funny and has the perfect sense of sarcasm. I’d heard so many great things about him from Allison over the years and it was so good to finally spend time with him! Charlotte has a special kind of beauty and as a first timer to the city I loved seeing it through Allison and Jason’s eyes. Just a few months prior Jason proposed in Freedom park and it’s easy to see why. This little area of the city was full of so much light and beauty. Then we were off to Downtown Charlotte to get a shot with the city skyline. You’d never know that there was a concert going on around us! 

Allison and Jason thank you so much for taking time out of your busy schedule to meet with me! We are so grateful to document this sweet time in your lives! We are counting the days until next April! 

Anna_K_Photography_Anna_Shackleford_Charlotte_North_Carolina_Wedding_Photographer_0001 Anna_K_Photography_Anna_Shackleford_Charlotte_North_Carolina_Wedding_Photographer_0002 Anna_K_Photography_Anna_Shackleford_Charlotte_North_Carolina_Wedding_Photographer_0004Anna_K_Photography_Anna_Shackleford_Charlotte_North_Carolina_Wedding_Photographer_0025Anna_K_Photography_Anna_Shackleford_Charlotte_North_Carolina_Wedding_Photographer_0005Anna_K_Photography_Anna_Shackleford_Charlotte_North_Carolina_Wedding_Photographer_0027Anna_K_Photography_Anna_Shackleford_Charlotte_North_Carolina_Wedding_Photographer_0006Anna_K_Photography_Anna_Shackleford_Charlotte_North_Carolina_Wedding_Photographer_0022 Anna_K_Photography_Anna_Shackleford_Charlotte_North_Carolina_Wedding_Photographer_0010 Anna_K_Photography_Anna_Shackleford_Charlotte_North_Carolina_Wedding_Photographer_0011 Anna_K_Photography_Anna_Shackleford_Charlotte_North_Carolina_Wedding_Photographer_0012 Anna_K_Photography_Anna_Shackleford_Charlotte_North_Carolina_Wedding_Photographer_0013 Anna_K_Photography_Anna_Shackleford_Charlotte_North_Carolina_Wedding_Photographer_0014 Anna_K_Photography_Anna_Shackleford_Charlotte_North_Carolina_Wedding_Photographer_0015 Anna_K_Photography_Anna_Shackleford_Charlotte_North_Carolina_Wedding_Photographer_0016 Anna_K_Photography_Anna_Shackleford_Charlotte_North_Carolina_Wedding_Photographer_0017

Contax 645 | Portra 400 | The Find Lab

  1. Mary-Kate says:

    Anna, these are lovely!! I’m so happy for you, Allison! You’re a gorgeous Bride to be!

  2. Cherilyn Guth says:

    We were blown away by the engagement pictures of Allison and Jason. We could not be more pleased with the way they came out. If the engagement pictures look this beautiful, we can only imagine what the wedding pictures will be. Can’t wait to see them!

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