Kennesaw Park | Margaret & Blake

When Margaret got in touch with me she shared that her and her husband’s five year anniversary was right around the corner. They’ve shared the last ten years of their lives together and somewhere in-between they realized that they didn’t have portraits. I’m so thankful that they took time out of their very busy schedule to meet with me and roam around Kennesaw National Park. Margaret suggested a specific location there and I’m so glad that she did! I’m constantly learning more about the Atlanta area and when someone points out a location like this I’m so grateful! That light and those leaves, goodness it was beautiful!

Marley and Macy, their sweet dogs, joined us for the second half of the session and they are so cute! Marley is ten years old and the perfect “apartment” sized dog. She’s a rescue pup and they originally thought that she was a golden, but as she grew they realized she was a mix of something smaller. She’s the sweetest thing and reminds me so much of our Bella! Blake and Margaret thank you so much for making the time to do these, I’m so glad that we were able to work together!

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