Southern Engagement | Katherine & Dustin

When Katherine mentioned that they’d like to do their engagement session on a family friends land out in the country I knew their session was going to be good! Valdosta is full of gorgeous pieces of land, usually filled with pecan and pine trees, but this time it was different, there were oak trees! What?! I love a good oak tree and to have an amazing couple to go along with it,  I was in heaven!

Katherine and Dustin are so sweet together! It was my first time meeting them and I’m so thankful for the time that we were able to spend together before their wedding! Well I say that it was my first time formally meeting them, but Katherine is so familiar to me! She was super involved at VSU and I know our paths must have crossed a few times!

Gunner, their precious pup joined us for a few photos and then was off to explore! This little guy was full of energy and loving the open space! Katherine and Dustin thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule to roam around with me! Enjoy a few of my favorites and I can’t wait for your wedding next year!

Valdosta_Wedding_Photographer_photo_Anna_K_Photography_001 Valdosta_Wedding_Photographer_photo_Anna_K_Photography_002 Valdosta_Wedding_Photographer_photo_Anna_K_Photography_003 Valdosta_Wedding_Photographer_photo_Anna_K_Photography_004 Valdosta_Wedding_Photographer_photo_Anna_K_Photography_005 Valdosta_Wedding_Photographer_photo_Anna_K_Photography_006 Valdosta_Wedding_Photographer_photo_Anna_K_Photography_007 Valdosta_Wedding_Photographer_photo_Anna_K_Photography_008 Valdosta_Wedding_Photographer_photo_Anna_K_Photography_009 Valdosta_Wedding_Photographer_photo_Anna_K_Photography_010 Valdosta_Wedding_Photographer_photo_Anna_K_Photography_011 Valdosta_Wedding_Photographer_photo_Anna_K_Photography_012 Valdosta_Wedding_Photographer_photo_Anna_K_Photography_013 Valdosta_Wedding_Photographer_photo_Anna_K_Photography_014 Valdosta_Wedding_Photographer_photo_Anna_K_Photography_015 Valdosta_Wedding_Photographer_photo_Anna_K_Photography_016 Valdosta_Wedding_Photographer_photo_Anna_K_Photography_017 Valdosta_Wedding_Photographer_photo_Anna_K_Photography_018 Valdosta_Wedding_Photographer_photo_Anna_K_Photography_019 Valdosta_Wedding_Photographer_photo_Anna_K_Photography_020

  1. Amazing pictures… Can’t wait for the wedding! Love you!

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