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June 25, 2015

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If you’ve been following along with the blog then you know I’ve had a growing interest in Film. The process of it all is exactly what I am looking for in my life; simplicity, slowness and intentionality. I’ve been using it in my personal work and at this point Daniel could be considered a model. He’s been so encouraging and helpful, standing where ever I ask him to and looking handsome as always.

Earlier this year I reached out to Mary-Kate and Nick to see if they would be interested in an anniversary session shot entirely on film. These two hold a special place in my heart, I’ve know Nick since middle school and Mary-Kate since college. They are by far one of the kindest couples I know, naturally Mary-Kate invited me to stay with them while I was in town. What I expected to be a trip by myself quickly turned into a day at the beach with girlfriends and popsicles from Hyppo’s. 

While they were getting ready for their session I roamed around their beautiful home photographing all of the little details perfectly curated by Mary-Kate, if you’d like to see it click HERE. This is just part one of our time together and soon I’ll be sharing part two. Enjoy and if you’re interested in a film session or would like information please do not hesitate to let me know!  

Anna_Shackleford_Anna_K_Photography_St_Augustine_Fine_art_Film_Photographer_0016Anna_Shackleford_Anna_K_Photography_St_Augustine_Fine_art_Film_Photographer_0002 Anna_Shackleford_Anna_K_Photography_St_Augustine_Fine_art_Film_Photographer_0003 Anna_Shackleford_Anna_K_Photography_St_Augustine_Fine_art_Film_Photographer_0004 Anna_Shackleford_Anna_K_Photography_St_Augustine_Fine_art_Film_Photographer_0005 Anna_Shackleford_Anna_K_Photography_St_Augustine_Fine_art_Film_Photographer_0006 Anna_Shackleford_Anna_K_Photography_St_Augustine_Fine_art_Film_Photographer_0007 Anna_Shackleford_Anna_K_Photography_St_Augustine_Fine_art_Film_Photographer_0008 Anna_Shackleford_Anna_K_Photography_St_Augustine_Fine_art_Film_Photographer_0009 Anna_Shackleford_Anna_K_Photography_St_Augustine_Fine_art_Film_Photographer_0010 Anna_Shackleford_Anna_K_Photography_St_Augustine_Fine_art_Film_Photographer_0011 Anna_Shackleford_Anna_K_Photography_St_Augustine_Fine_art_Film_Photographer_0012 Anna_Shackleford_Anna_K_Photography_St_Augustine_Fine_art_Film_Photographer_0013Contax 645 | Portra 400 | The Find Lab


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  1. Lauren Swann says:

    Yay!!! I’ve been waiting to see these on the blog!! So gorgeous, sweet friend!!

  2. Brittni Deal says:

    Anna, these are soooo stunning!!! There’s not one single image I don’t LOVE!

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