Heather and Blake walked out to the reception property a few months in advance to burry a bottle of Bourbon. It’s said that if a bottle is buried on a day with beautiful weather that the same weather will be present on your wedding day. Well let me tell you I am so glad they buried […]

Kayla and Kevin have the kindest hearts! I’m always so thankful for the opportunity to spend time with my couples before their wedding day and the joy that these two share is contagious! Every time I took a step back and I could tell that these two were talking to each other and laughing together. To […]

Meeting new people is possibly one of the best things about photographing weddings and I’ve loved every second I was able to spend with Laura and Trey! They have the sweetest love and I couldn’t help but notice how comfortable they are in each others arms. From the first look to sneaking away at their reception […]



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