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June 12, 2014

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Meeting new people is possibly one of the best things about photographing weddings and I’ve loved every second I was able to spend with Laura and Trey! They have the sweetest love and I couldn’t help but notice how comfortable they are in each others arms. From the first look to sneaking away at their reception they made sure that they spent their wedding day together.

Quail Branch Lodge is nestled away near Lake Park, on the Georgia Florida line. With a gorgeous lake, ample space and so much character the venue was the perfect backdrop for Laura and Trey’s Wedding. Blooms from Southern Vines and Gardens were everywhere and the smell of peonies floated in the air. Ashley Mock kept the entire day running effortlessly. It was such a pleasure to be part of such an amazing team!

Laura and Trey thank you so much for including Rachel and I in your big day! I hope that your toes are deep in the sand in Anguilla!!!

Quail_Branch_Lodge_Anna_K_Photography_001 Quail_Branch_Lodge_Anna_K_Photography_002 Quail_Branch_Lodge_Anna_K_Photography_003 Quail_Branch_Lodge_Anna_K_Photography_004 Quail_Branch_Lodge_Anna_K_Photography_005 Quail_Branch_Lodge_Anna_K_Photography_006 Quail_Branch_Lodge_Anna_K_Photography_007 Quail_Branch_Lodge_Anna_K_Photography_008 Quail_Branch_Lodge_Anna_K_Photography_009 Quail_Branch_Lodge_Anna_K_Photography_010 Quail_Branch_Lodge_Anna_K_Photography_011 Quail_Branch_Lodge_Anna_K_Photography_012 Quail_Branch_Lodge_Anna_K_Photography_013 Quail_Branch_Lodge_Anna_K_Photography_014 Quail_Branch_Lodge_Anna_K_Photography_015 Quail_Branch_Lodge_Anna_K_Photography_016 Quail_Branch_Lodge_Anna_K_Photography_017 Quail_Branch_Lodge_Anna_K_Photography_018 Quail_Branch_Lodge_Anna_K_Photography_019 Quail_Branch_Lodge_Anna_K_Photography_020 Quail_Branch_Lodge_Anna_K_Photography_021 Quail_Branch_Lodge_Anna_K_Photography_022 Quail_Branch_Lodge_Anna_K_Photography_023 Quail_Branch_Lodge_Anna_K_Photography_024 Quail_Branch_Lodge_Anna_K_Photography_025 Quail_Branch_Lodge_Anna_K_Photography_026 Quail_Branch_Lodge_Anna_K_Photography_027 Quail_Branch_Lodge_Anna_K_Photography_028

Quail_Branch_Lodge_Anna_K_Photography_029 Quail_Branch_Lodge_Anna_K_Photography_030 Quail_Branch_Lodge_Anna_K_Photography_031 Quail_Branch_Lodge_Anna_K_Photography_032 Quail_Branch_Lodge_Anna_K_Photography_033 Quail_Branch_Lodge_Anna_K_Photography_034 Quail_Branch_Lodge_Anna_K_Photography_035 Quail_Branch_Lodge_Anna_K_Photography_036 Quail_Branch_Lodge_Anna_K_Photography_037 Quail_Branch_Lodge_Anna_K_Photography_038 Quail_Branch_Lodge_Anna_K_Photography_039 Quail_Branch_Lodge_Anna_K_Photography_040 Quail_Branch_Lodge_Anna_K_Photography_041 Quail_Branch_Lodge_Anna_K_Photography_042 Quail_Branch_Lodge_Anna_K_Photography_043 Quail_Branch_Lodge_Anna_K_Photography_044 Quail_Branch_Lodge_Anna_K_Photography_045 Quail_Branch_Lodge_Anna_K_Photography_046 Quail_Branch_Lodge_Anna_K_Photography_047 Quail_Branch_Lodge_Anna_K_Photography_048 Quail_Branch_Lodge_Anna_K_Photography_049 Quail_Branch_Lodge_Anna_K_Photography_050 Quail_Branch_Lodge_Anna_K_Photography_051 Quail_Branch_Lodge_Anna_K_Photography_052 Quail_Branch_Lodge_Anna_K_Photography_053 Quail_Branch_Lodge_Anna_K_Photography_054 Quail_Branch_Lodge_Anna_K_Photography_055 Quail_Branch_Lodge_Anna_K_Photography_056 Quail_Branch_Lodge_Anna_K_Photography_057 Quail_Branch_Lodge_Anna_K_Photography_058Quail_Branch_Lodge_Anna_K_Photography_065 Quail_Branch_Lodge_Anna_K_Photography_059 Quail_Branch_Lodge_Anna_K_Photography_060 Quail_Branch_Lodge_Anna_K_Photography_061 Quail_Branch_Lodge_Anna_K_Photography_062 Quail_Branch_Lodge_Anna_K_Photography_063Quail_Branch_Lodge_Anna_K_Photography_066 Quail_Branch_Lodge_Anna_K_Photography_064

Ceremony & Reception Venue: Quail Branch Lodge | Wedding Planner: Ashley Mock | Florals: Southern Vines and Gardens | Cake Artist: Yes, It’s Cake! | Band: Tanners Lane | Makeup Artist: Makeup by Adeana | Wedding Gown: White Weddings | Men’s Attire: Jos A. Bank | Catering: Jessie’s Eats and Treats | Paper Products: Perfect Settings | Officiant: Chris Michael | Rentals: Special Occasions

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  1. Lauren Swann says:

    I LOVE these Anna!! One of my favorite weddings of yours!!

  2. Carrie Logan says:

    ADORE that tree lined drive, their walking portraits, THAT AISLE, and that ring shot!!!! Hearts for pupils emojis for days on this one!! 😉 Haha!!

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