Tanyard Creek Engagement Session

Lindsey and Frank share so much joy together and it’s contagious! When we met up for their Tanyard Creek Park engagement session the clouds were looming, it just stormed and we thought it was past us. Little did we know we were right in the middle of it! As soon as we walked out to the park the rain came and these two couldn’t have handled it better!¬†They didn’t miss a beat and before too long it passed. I’m so thankful for people with positive attitudes. These two laughed together the entire time and it made me that much more excited for their wedding in February! Lindsey and Frank thank you for braving the storm with me and smiling the entire time, I loved spending time with you two!¬†Anna_K_Photography_Tanyard_Creek_Park_0001 Anna_K_Photography_Tanyard_Creek_Park_0002 Anna_K_Photography_Tanyard_Creek_Park_0003 Anna_K_Photography_Tanyard_Creek_Park_0004 Anna_K_Photography_Tanyard_Creek_Park_0005 Anna_K_Photography_Tanyard_Creek_Park_0006 Anna_K_Photography_Tanyard_Creek_Park_0007 Anna_K_Photography_Tanyard_Creek_Park_0008 Anna_K_Photography_Tanyard_Creek_Park_0009Anna_K_Photography_Tanyard_Creek_Park_0012Anna_K_Photography_Tanyard_Creek_Park_0010Anna_K_Photography_Tanyard_Creek_Park_0011Anna_K_Photography_Tanyard_Creek_Park_0014Anna_K_Photography_Tanyard_Creek_Park_0015

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