Windermere Golf Club Wedding


May 7, 2015

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If you’ve enjoyed Part One and Two of Megan and Ajay’s wedding just wait until you see today! The happiness continued as everyone got ready for the third and final day of their celebration. Megan and Ajay’s home was filled with friends and family as they put on their final touches and then headed to Windermere.

We couldn’t have asked for a prettier day, there was a 100% chance of rain, but somehow we managed to make it through the entire day without feeling a drop! I still can’t get over how happy these two are together, they constantly laugh and it’s apparent how at home they are with each other. 

I’m so excited for everything that is ahead of these two and so thankful that we were invited to be a part of it all. We loved witnessing such a beautiful ceremony and having the opportunity to spend time with so many amazing people. We couldn’t help but dance the night away, DJ Eric Anthony did an amazing job fusing Indian hits with American ones! Megan and Ajay thank you, we loved spending time with you! www.annakphotography.comwww.annakphotography.comwww.annakphotography.comwww.annakphotography.comwww.annakphotography.comwww.annakphotography.comwww.annakphotography.comwww.annakphotography.comwww.annakphotography.comwww.annakphotography.comwww.annakphotography.comwww.annakphotography.comwww.annakphotography.comwww.annakphotography.comwww.annakphotography.comwww.annakphotography.comwww.annakphotography.comwww.annakphotography.comwww.annakphotography.comwww.annakphotography.comwww.annakphotography.comwww.annakphotography.comwww.annakphotography.comwww.annakphotography.comwww.annakphotography.comwww.annakphotography.comwww.annakphotography.comwww.annakphotography.comwww.annakphotography.comwww.annakphotography.comwww.annakphotography.comwww.annakphotography.comwww.annakphotography.comwww.annakphotography.comwww.annakphotography.comwww.annakphotography.comwww.annakphotography.comwww.annakphotography.comwww.annakphotography.comwww.annakphotography.comwww.annakphotography.comwww.annakphotography.comwww.annakphotography.comwww.annakphotography.comwww.annakphotography.comwww.annakphotography.comwww.annakphotography.comwww.annakphotography.comwww.annakphotography.comwww.annakphotography.comwww.annakphotography.comwww.annakphotography.comwww.annakphotography.comwww.annakphotography.comwww.annakphotography.comwww.annakphotography.comwww.annakphotography.comwww.annakphotography.comwww.annakphotography.comwww.annakphotography.comwww.annakphotography.comwww.annakphotography.comwww.annakphotography.comwww.annakphotography.comwww.annakphotography.comwww.annakphotography.comwww.annakphotography.comwww.annakphotography.comwww.annakphotography.comwww.annakphotography.comwww.annakphotography.comwww.annakphotography.comwww.annakphotography.comwww.annakphotography.comwww.annakphotography.comwww.annakphotography.comwww.annakphotography.comwww.annakphotography.comwww.annakphotography.comwww.annakphotography.comSecond Shooter: Laurie Brotherton| Wedding Gown: New Natalie’s Bridals in Norcross, Georiga | Ceremony: Windermere Golf Club | Venue: Windermere Golf Club, Cumming, Georgia | DJ: Eric Anthony | Make-Up: Meghana Aggarwal | Hair: Irene Lee | Bridesmaids Dresses: The Dessy Group | Caterer: Windermere Country Club | Event Rentals: Tent – The Rental Place | Wedding Cake: Sweet Hut | Coordinator/Florals: Lauren’s | Men’s Attire: Calvin Klein | Paper Products: Wedding Paper Divas | Officiant: Kartik Venguswamy

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  1. Lauren Swann says:

    These are gorgeous, Anna!!!

  2. Brittany K says:

    What a beautiful, happy couple! Every detail is just gorgeous and you captured it so beautifully! And…oh my gosh, I LOVE that sweet Chihuahua.

  3. Rachel B. says:

    Anna, you did SUCH a good job! Every part of this wedding was just so beautiful!!!

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