A Backyard Wedding | Sherri & Gary


July 2, 2014

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When I first walked into the master bedroom and hugged Sherri I knew it was going to be a good day! This is lady is so full of joy, her happiness is contagious and every person near her can’t help but smile! When Sherri’s mom first got in touch with me she described it as an intimate backyard wedding and I was surprised at how many people were there! Sherri and Gary are loved by so many and it was apparent through all of the hugs and excitement that these two are meant to be together.

Right before their ceremony a few showers came through and we weren’t sure if they were going to pass! The sky cleared and with only a few minutes delay everything proceeded as planned. There ceremony was full of happy tears and laughter and we were able to get through all of their portraits before the rain made another appearance.

Sherri and Gary thank you so much for including me in your wedding day! It was such a pleasure to be a part of it all and I hope that you are having an amazing honeymoon!!! Enjoy a few of my favorites!

Backyard_Wedding_Anna_K_Photography_001 Backyard_Wedding_Anna_K_Photography_002 Backyard_Wedding_Anna_K_Photography_003 Backyard_Wedding_Anna_K_Photography_004 Backyard_Wedding_Anna_K_Photography_005 Backyard_Wedding_Anna_K_Photography_006 Backyard_Wedding_Anna_K_Photography_007 Backyard_Wedding_Anna_K_Photography_008 Backyard_Wedding_Anna_K_Photography_009 Backyard_Wedding_Anna_K_Photography_010 Backyard_Wedding_Anna_K_Photography_011 Backyard_Wedding_Anna_K_Photography_012 Backyard_Wedding_Anna_K_Photography_013 Backyard_Wedding_Anna_K_Photography_014 Backyard_Wedding_Anna_K_Photography_015 Backyard_Wedding_Anna_K_Photography_017

Sherri loves all of these little ones and it was so special that she was able to share a moment with them right before she walked down the aisle

Backyard_Wedding_Anna_K_Photography_018 Backyard_Wedding_Anna_K_Photography_019 Backyard_Wedding_Anna_K_Photography_020 Backyard_Wedding_Anna_K_Photography_021 Backyard_Wedding_Anna_K_Photography_022 Backyard_Wedding_Anna_K_Photography_023 Backyard_Wedding_Anna_K_Photography_024 Backyard_Wedding_Anna_K_Photography_025 Backyard_Wedding_Anna_K_Photography_026 Backyard_Wedding_Anna_K_Photography_027 Backyard_Wedding_Anna_K_Photography_028 Backyard_Wedding_Anna_K_Photography_029 Backyard_Wedding_Anna_K_Photography_030 Backyard_Wedding_Anna_K_Photography_031 Backyard_Wedding_Anna_K_Photography_032 Backyard_Wedding_Anna_K_Photography_033 Backyard_Wedding_Anna_K_Photography_034 Backyard_Wedding_Anna_K_Photography_035 Backyard_Wedding_Anna_K_Photography_036 Backyard_Wedding_Anna_K_Photography_037 Backyard_Wedding_Anna_K_Photography_038 Backyard_Wedding_Anna_K_Photography_039 Backyard_Wedding_Anna_K_Photography_040 Backyard_Wedding_Anna_K_Photography_041 Backyard_Wedding_Anna_K_Photography_042 Backyard_Wedding_Anna_K_Photography_043 Backyard_Wedding_Anna_K_Photography_044 Backyard_Wedding_Anna_K_Photography_045 Backyard_Wedding_Anna_K_Photography_046 Backyard_Wedding_Anna_K_Photography_047

Wedding Gown: LaRaine’s Bridal | Hair Artist: Debbie Dixon | Cake Artist & Florals: Aha David | Band: Tanners Lane | Officiant: Mac Weaver | Invitations: Perfect Settings Valdosta 

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  1. Nita Levin says:

    These pictures are TERRIFIC!! Anna you captured so many wonderful pictures of this wonderful couple. I am so glad I was there to celebrate with them.

  2. Kelly & Mary Scott Laughlin says:

    Way to go, Sherri! So happy for you. Congrats to you and Gary. Love and may God bless.

    Kelly & Mary Scott Laughlin

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