Jekyll Island Wedding | Brittany & Wenn


June 24, 2014

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As Brittany walked down the aisle toward Wenn it took all I had to keep the tears in. These two are so special, they’ve dated since middle school and it was finally time to make it official. Their closest friend and family gathered at Faith Chapel on Jekyll Island and eagerly listened as they promised to spend their lives together.

The Beachview Club provided an amazing backdrop for their reception and Tony Adams Entertainment kept everyone dancing all night long! The gorgeous trees all over Jekyll get me every time and the breeze that filled the air was perfection.

Wenn and Brittany thank you so much for including us during this amazing time of your lives. From your proposal to your wedding day it’s been such a blessing to be there for it all!

Beachview_Club_Anna_K_Photography_001 Beachview_Club_Anna_K_Photography_002 Beachview_Club_Anna_K_Photography_003 Beachview_Club_Anna_K_Photography_004 Beachview_Club_Anna_K_Photography_005 Beachview_Club_Anna_K_Photography_006 Beachview_Club_Anna_K_Photography_007 Beachview_Club_Anna_K_Photography_008 Beachview_Club_Anna_K_Photography_009 Beachview_Club_Anna_K_Photography_010 Beachview_Club_Anna_K_Photography_011 Beachview_Club_Anna_K_Photography_012 Beachview_Club_Anna_K_Photography_013 Beachview_Club_Anna_K_Photography_014 Beachview_Club_Anna_K_Photography_015 Beachview_Club_Anna_K_Photography_016 Beachview_Club_Anna_K_Photography_017 Beachview_Club_Anna_K_Photography_018

This moment was too sweet not to share!

Beachview_Club_Anna_K_Photography_019 Beachview_Club_Anna_K_Photography_020 Beachview_Club_Anna_K_Photography_021 Beachview_Club_Anna_K_Photography_022 Beachview_Club_Anna_K_Photography_023 Beachview_Club_Anna_K_Photography_024 Beachview_Club_Anna_K_Photography_025 Beachview_Club_Anna_K_Photography_026 Beachview_Club_Anna_K_Photography_027 Beachview_Club_Anna_K_Photography_028 Beachview_Club_Anna_K_Photography_029 Beachview_Club_Anna_K_Photography_030 Beachview_Club_Anna_K_Photography_031 Beachview_Club_Anna_K_Photography_032 Beachview_Club_Anna_K_Photography_033 Beachview_Club_Anna_K_Photography_034 Beachview_Club_Anna_K_Photography_035 Beachview_Club_Anna_K_Photography_036 Beachview_Club_Anna_K_Photography_037 Beachview_Club_Anna_K_Photography_038 Beachview_Club_Anna_K_Photography_039 Beachview_Club_Anna_K_Photography_040 Beachview_Club_Anna_K_Photography_041 Beachview_Club_Anna_K_Photography_042 Beachview_Club_Anna_K_Photography_043 Beachview_Club_Anna_K_Photography_044 Beachview_Club_Anna_K_Photography_045 Beachview_Club_Anna_K_Photography_046 Beachview_Club_Anna_K_Photography_047 Beachview_Club_Anna_K_Photography_048 Beachview_Club_Anna_K_Photography_049 Beachview_Club_Anna_K_Photography_050 Beachview_Club_Anna_K_Photography_051 Beachview_Club_Anna_K_Photography_052 Beachview_Club_Anna_K_Photography_053 Beachview_Club_Anna_K_Photography_054 Beachview_Club_Anna_K_Photography_055 Beachview_Club_Anna_K_Photography_056 Beachview_Club_Anna_K_Photography_057

Sarah and Rebekah sang their speech together and it was PERFECTION!

Beachview_Club_Anna_K_Photography_058 Beachview_Club_Anna_K_Photography_059 Beachview_Club_Anna_K_Photography_060 Beachview_Club_Anna_K_Photography_061 Beachview_Club_Anna_K_Photography_062 Beachview_Club_Anna_K_Photography_063 Beachview_Club_Anna_K_Photography_064 Beachview_Club_Anna_K_Photography_065 Beachview_Club_Anna_K_Photography_066

Ceremony Venue: Faith Chapel | Reception Venue: Beachview Club | Catering & Floral: Festive Occasions | Videographer: Harvest Media Productions | Cake Artist: Publix | Band: Tony Adams Entertainment | Makeup Artist: Sally Barnes of Image Artisans | Hair Artist: Mallary Joris Baxter of Image Artisans | Wedding Gown: Gown Boutique of Charleston | Bridesmaids Gowns: Jean’s Bridal | Men’s Attire: Jos A. Bank | Officiant: Reverand Jim Crandall | Paper Products: Design Smiths, LLC | Tent: Beachview Event Rentals & Design

*** A Big Thanks to Rachel McLeroy for being such an amazing second shooter, love you!***

Comments +

  1. Brittany says:

    Thank ya’ll so much for capturing such a special day! Ya’ll are awesome!! Can’t wait to see more!! 🙂

  2. Paul Douglas says:

    Outstanding! Beautiful day, beautiful pictures!

  3. Mike Biletzskov says:

    Absolutely some of the best pictures that I
    have ever seen of any wedding and moments
    were caught on camera that are priceless!!

  4. Ann Maxwell says:

    Anna you took amazingly beautiful pictures of Brittany and Wenn’s wedding. Your photos will make their wedding very memorable not only to them but also to their family members. A job very well done!

  5. Leslie Sutton says:

    Anna – your pictures truly reflect the love, the happiness and the fun everybody had. Brittany was the most beautiful bride ever…….and the groom was adorable….captured beautifully in your pictures and I’m not just saying that because she’s my new daughter in law or that Wenn is my son!!!!

  6. Wow gorgeous Anna! There are so many beautiful moments that you captured, but I especially love that shot of the two bridesmaids hugging Brittany and Wenn after their speech. So priceless!

  7. What a happy, emotional day!!

  8. paula wells says:

    Anna, these photos are just beautiful!! Brittany was simply stunning and the happiness from her and Wenn has been truly captured!
    Great work!

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