Assisi, Italy


July 15, 2015

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Oh Assisi you have my heart! After an exhausting (but amazing) start to our trip we made our way to Assisi and it was exactly the break that we needed. When you’re traveling with a tour everything is so fast paced. You’re either on the move or waiting for the next tour activity. Crowds are a bit overwhelming to me so Assisi and it’s quite streets were my idea of a dream. 

The town is situated on a hilltop and the streets are so small, I only saw a few cars once we were up there. The stones for the town were mined locally, a soft pink in color. Seeing a town that was so cohesive in aesthetic felt magical. I know that sounds silly, but seriously every little inch of this place was gorgeous. It was the birthplace of Saint Francis and learning about Saint’s life was incredibly interesting. I wasn’t entirely familiar with his story and learning about it as we were walking through a church that he inspired was pretty amazing. The art that covered the walls was beautifully simplistic and easy to follow along with. Photographs aren’t allowed inside so it’s something that you’ll have to check out for yourself one day! 

During our free time I roamed the streets by myself and shot entirely on film. The photos below are all digital and from our time with the group. I am determined to make it back to this place one day. The small population and beautiful winding streets makes it the perfect place for an elopement/anniversary/engagement. As soon as I called Daniel that night I told him this is one place that we need to explore together. We were only there for a few hours, but I could have spent days roaming the streets! Enjoy a few of my favorites and if you’re looking for a laid back place to spend some time in Italy you have to add Assisi to your list! Anna_Shackleford_Fine_Art_Film_Photographer_rome_florence__sorrento_capri_0001 Anna_Shackleford_Fine_Art_Film_Photographer_rome_florence__sorrento_capri_0002 Anna_Shackleford_Fine_Art_Film_Photographer_rome_florence__sorrento_capri_0003 Anna_Shackleford_Fine_Art_Film_Photographer_rome_florence__sorrento_capri_0004Anna_Shackleford_Fine_Art_Film_Photographer_rome_florence__sorrento_capri_0006Anna_Shackleford_Fine_Art_Film_Photographer_rome_florence__sorrento_capri_0007

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  1. So so lovely, Anna!! I’ll have to add this to my list of places to go!!

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