I read about Salvation Mountain when I was a kid and then my interest was sparked again when I saw it in Into The Wild. It’s fascinating that one man would built a mountain of adobe, straw and paint over the course of his lifetime. As we walked up the mountain and through the structures that he […]

Last month we packed up our bags and hopped on a plane with Daniel’s family to visit the beautiful town of Bar Harbor. Situated on Maine’s coast it’s a quaint little town with restaurants, shops and of course a gorgeous bay view. Arcadia National Park surrounds the area and the hiking trails are unbelievable. I’d done […]

Oh Assisi you have my heart! After an exhausting (but amazing) start to our trip we made our way to Assisi and it was exactly the break that we needed. When you’re traveling with a tour everything is so fast paced. You’re either on the move or waiting for the next tour activity. Crowds are […]

Paris was a whirlwind during our Europe trip! This beautiful city has so much history to offer and exploring it was such an adventure. We took a train veryyy early in the morning and as soon as we arrived we started a walking tour of the city. We ran up the stairs to Montmartre, explored […]

Last year one of my sweet friends mentioned that she wanted to take a group of her students to Europe. When I was in high school I went with the same tour group and loved the experience so when she mentioned that she might need an extra chaperone I was all in! Going to Europe with […]

When Daniel and I travel we photograph our adventures on film. I love reliving the adventure all over again when the scans come in. It’s a funny thing how we always feel the need to share our lives in real time and this has helped me to step back and truly enjoy the moments that we […]



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