Atlanta Engagement | Hillary & Brannen

If you’re anywhere in the South right now than you know that it’s freezing out! It was 12 degrees last night and even though there was no snow in the forecast I started to worry about the roads icing over. Remember Snowmageddon in Atlanta last year? If you do than you know it wasn’t fun! I got together with Hillary and Brannen for their engagement session this past Monday and thankfully it was at the very beginning of the cold front. I don’t know how Hillary did it,  but she was fine in the cold!

I still remember living next door to Hillary in college for a few months and seeing her and Brannen spend time together. Sometimes when I reminisce about things like this I wonder if it’s weird that I noticed, but I’ve always admired the way that Brannen treats Hillary. He adores her and I’ve always secretly hoped that they would get married. This past year Brannen proposed after a little plane ride here in Atlanta and completely surprised Hillary! Her sister snapped a few photos of it and I loved being able to see them!

Hillary and Brannen thank you so much for taking the time to roam around Kennesaw Battlefield Park with me! Enjoy a few of my favorites!

Hillary you are gorgeous!

  1. Lauren says:

    These are gorgeous!!

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