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October 27, 2015

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Last month we packed up our bags and hopped on a plane with Daniel’s family to visit the beautiful town of Bar Harbor. Situated on Maine’s coast it’s a quaint little town with restaurants, shops and of course a gorgeous bay view. Arcadia National Park surrounds the area and the hiking trails are unbelievable. I’d done the stair master a few times in order to prep, but goodness my buns were not ready for those steep mountains! We had so much fun hiking for the first half of the day and then enjoying a local restaurant at night. It was the first time we all vacationed together and I’m so thankful that we did! Enjoy a few snapshots from our trip and if you ever decided to take a trip to Maine you should check out this precious little town! 
Anna_K_Photography_Anna_Shackleford_Bar_Harbor_Maine_Vacation_Adventure_fine_Art_Film_photographer_0001 Anna_K_Photography_Anna_Shackleford_Bar_Harbor_Maine_Vacation_Adventure_fine_Art_Film_photographer_0002 Anna_K_Photography_Anna_Shackleford_Bar_Harbor_Maine_Vacation_Adventure_fine_Art_Film_photographer_0003 Anna_K_Photography_Anna_Shackleford_Bar_Harbor_Maine_Vacation_Adventure_fine_Art_Film_photographer_0004Anna_K_Photography_Anna_Shackleford_Bar_Harbor_Maine_Vacation_Adventure_fine_Art_Film_photographer_0011 Anna_K_Photography_Anna_Shackleford_Bar_Harbor_Maine_Vacation_Adventure_fine_Art_Film_photographer_0005 Anna_K_Photography_Anna_Shackleford_Bar_Harbor_Maine_Vacation_Adventure_fine_Art_Film_photographer_0006 Anna_K_Photography_Anna_Shackleford_Bar_Harbor_Maine_Vacation_Adventure_fine_Art_Film_photographer_0007Anna_K_Photography_Anna_Shackleford_Bar_Harbor_Maine_Vacation_Adventure_fine_Art_Film_photographer_0008Anna_K_Photography_Anna_Shackleford_Bar_Harbor_Maine_Vacation_Adventure_fine_Art_Film_photographer_0009Anna_K_Photography_Anna_Shackleford_Bar_Harbor_Maine_Vacation_Adventure_fine_Art_Film_photographer_0010

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  1. These are beautiful, Anna!! Love!!

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