We’re extremely¬†excited to announce that we are opening up two mentoring session dates! Over the years we’ve found so much joy in helping others grow their business, refine their brand and move forward with purpose. Our hope is to help you grow your business while creating a life that allows you¬†to truly live. To spend […]

It’s been a dream of mine to attend WPPI for the last several years and when Annamarie emailed to see if I was going I knew I had to join them! Before the timing was never right, I had a wedding the weekend before or after, I didn’t know who I would room with and […]

When I first got my Contax 645 I had no idea what I was doing! I opened the box that it came in, put the camera on my desk and just stared at it. That camera has so much potential, but I didn’t have a clue where to start! I had no idea how to […]

It’s that time of year again! Things are slowing down and I have time to put together a WORKSHOP! This past year I’ve noticed a specific need in the industry for photographers that are interested in learning about business, workflow and the client experience. Being a small business owner can be downright overwhelming and more […]

Sweet Caroline, I talk about this girl all of the time and I love her to pieces! We met a four years ago at Katelyn James Workshop and I remember sitting in the back of someone’s car with her as we rode to dinner. She was SO young, 15 years old and at a photography […]

Happy Monday Friends! Can you believe that it’s already Thanksgiving week?! Me either! I’m so excited about spending time with my family, eating so many goodies and taking some time to relax. I haven’t scheduled anything for the days after Thanksgiving and I’m already dreaming up how I want to use that time! So many […]



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