Southern Wedding Volume 7 | Behind the Scenes at Serenbe


November 4, 2014

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Who loves Southern Weddings?! I do! If you’re a bride in the South than you have to checkout this magazine. It just hit newsstands today and I promise ladies, you don’t want to miss it! I just got a peek at all of the gorgeous spreads and I can’t stop staring at it! Not only is it full of stunning images, but they focus on the things that truly matter. Every volume is full a helpful advice to create a marriage more beautiful than a wedding. I love what this magazine stands for and I’m so thankful that I had the opportunity to document the behind the scenes action during the Atlanta editorial shoot.

These creatives are an inspiration and I loved spending time with them! They’re as kind as they are talented, so that means they’re pretty sweet! Watching them work is so much fun and a constant reminder that there is always so much more to learn! If you’ve curious as to what goes on behind the scenes at a Southern Weddings shoot enjoy a few of my favorites!

Serenbe made for the perfect backdrop…

Serenbe_Southern_Weddings_photo_Anna_K_Photography_001 Serenbe_Southern_Weddings_photo_Anna_K_Photography_002 Serenbe_Southern_Weddings_photo_Anna_K_Photography_003

Krista always has the perfect items from Blue Eyed Yonder to pull any shoot together and I LOVE that Dottie is always near by. Look at that face! Who wouldn’t love having her around?!

Serenbe_Southern_Weddings_photo_Anna_K_Photography_004 Serenbe_Southern_Weddings_photo_Anna_K_Photography_005 Serenbe_Southern_Weddings_photo_Anna_K_Photography_006

Sun in My Belly is always delicious and it’s so much fun to see what she can whip up in the back of her car! How does she do this?!

Serenbe_Southern_Weddings_photo_Anna_K_Photography_007 Serenbe_Southern_Weddings_photo_Anna_K_Photography_008

It’s important to keep the team hydrated!


Ali Harper amazing as always. I just looked at her portion of SWMV7 and oh my word! Every image is gorgeous!

Serenbe_Southern_Weddings_photo_Anna_K_Photography_010 Serenbe_Southern_Weddings_photo_Anna_K_Photography_011

The paper goods from Yes Ma’am were beautiful and she’s an excellent butterfly catcher! Who knew?!


Claudia Mejerle  did an impeccable job on the hair and makeup as usual.


Victory Blooms put together the florals


Serenbe_Southern_Weddings_photo_Anna_K_Photography_015 Serenbe_Southern_Weddings_photo_Anna_K_Photography_016 Serenbe_Southern_Weddings_photo_Anna_K_Photography_017 Serenbe_Southern_Weddings_photo_Anna_K_Photography_018 Serenbe_Southern_Weddings_photo_Anna_K_Photography_019 Serenbe_Southern_Weddings_photo_Anna_K_Photography_020 Serenbe_Southern_Weddings_photo_Anna_K_Photography_021 Serenbe_Southern_Weddings_photo_Anna_K_Photography_022

Such an amazing group!

Serenbe_Southern_Weddings_photo_Anna_K_Photography_023 Serenbe_Southern_Weddings_photo_Anna_K_Photography_024 Serenbe_Southern_Weddings_photo_Anna_K_Photography_025 Serenbe_Southern_Weddings_photo_Anna_K_Photography_026 Serenbe_Southern_Weddings_photo_Anna_K_Photography_027 Serenbe_Southern_Weddings_photo_Anna_K_Photography_028

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