Kelsey has such a joyful heart and when she and Dusty are together their happiness is contagious. You can see it in their dance moves, the laughs they share and the way that they look at each other. Life is better when they’re together. From the moment that I met these two I’ve looked forward to […]

With a wedding party of thirty-five plus one pup it’s easy to see why Shelly and Pat are so loved! These two care deeply for their friends and family and everyone was so excited to be apart of the day! Even their pup, Abby was excited. You might remember her from their engagement session. I promise that […]

We’ve been all over the west coast this past month and what a glorious adventure it’s been! As soon as the scans come in I can’t wait to share the beauty that we’ve seen. Having the opportunity to explore this gorgeous country has given me such an appreciation for everything that the United States has […]

While we were in Charleston Katie and I snuck away early one morning to walk on the beach and do a few head shots. I’ve been discovering my love for film and slowly but surely it’s stealing my heart. The texture and colors are unlike anything I’ve been able to capture before and the process of it […]

I’d never heard of Oakland Cemetery before until someone described it when we made plans to get coffee nearby. It’s one of Atlanta’s oldest graveyards, located next to Grant park and filled with gorgeous monuments. It’s by far one of the more interesting places in Atlanta that I’ve had an opportunity to explore. The markers […]

Today is officially our two year anniversary, TWO YEARS! To think that five and a half years ago I was doing life without Daniel and I had no idea what I was missing. We were blessed with the opportunity to spend the majority of our college experience together and now onto grown up life. If […]



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