Cloudland Canyon


February 4, 2015

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Daniel’s been working on getting his Landcruiser camping ready for sometime now… what is camping ready you ask? He built this really cool platform in the back so that we can store all of our luggage/necessities underneath and sleep on top of it. Pretty neat right?! He built it one weekend while I was away working and showed it to me when I got back. I was a little hesitant at first, asking him multiple times how confident he was that it would hold our weight. He crawled up into the car with Bella confidently showing me that it was sturdy, I always wonder if our neighbors see us doing these types of things! I didn’t realize that this is a pretty normal thing to do and if you’d like to see more people trying it out check out #homeiswhereyouparkit

We made plans with some friends to visit Cloudland Canyon and man was it chilly! Thankfully, it was a bright and sunny making hiking a breeze! It’s just about two hours outside of Atlanta and the perfect little place to get away for the weekend. They have a ton of campsites and activies so you’re sure to be entertained. As we were walking along we ran into Daniel’s Boy Scout troop (so random), it always amazes me how he seems to have friends everywhere we go. There is a gorgeous waterfall in the area and we loved making the hike down to it.

We slept in the car at a shared campsite and surprisingly it was incredibly comfortable. We had a mattress topper with a comforter and all three of us (Daniel, Bella and I) snuggled up to keep warm. I’d definitely do it again in a heartbeat! Enjoy a few of our favorites and if you have any questions about making your own platform I’m sure Daniel would be happy to help!

All photos taken with the Contax 645 on Portra 400 Film, processed by Richard Photo Lab

Cloudland_Canyon_0001 Cloudland_Canyon_0002 Cloudland_Canyon_0006 Cloudland_Canyon_0005 Cloudland_Canyon_0004Cloudland_Canyon_0003

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  1. Lauren Swann says:

    Y’all are so cute!!! I love this!! That shot of Bella is to die for, by the way!!!

  2. This is so great Anna!

  3. Natalie says:

    Such a fun trip! And how cute is Bella? Love this!

  4. What an amazing weekend adventure! And such beautiful photos to remember it by 🙂 That waterfall is amazing!

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