Love Mary Hester

I met Mary Hester through Daniel and right away I knew we were going to be friends! She’s kind, creative and has an amazing sense of style. She asked me to give her a little photography lesson a few weeks ago and before we knew it we were planning a photo shoot. Since moving to Atlanta her and her husband, Andrew, have completely redone their home and it’s stunning. She’s put a special touch on every inch of this house, as I was roaming around I kept asking her, you didn’t make this did you?! Seriously though, she is so talented! She made the couch pillows, recovered her headboard and decorated her home to perfection. She makes everything beautiful and I can’t wait to learn from her blog, Love Mary Hester. If you need a little daily dose of inspiration you have to check it out!

Love_Mary_Hester_Anna_K_Photography_0001 Love_Mary_Hester_Anna_K_Photography_0002 Love_Mary_Hester_Anna_K_Photography_0003

  1. Lauren Swann says:

    Anna, these are gorgeous!!! I love all of these and I can tell they’re going to make her blog look fabulous!!!

  2. Thank you Anna! You certainly know how to make a girl and her home look F A B U L O U S ! I had a blast working with you. I say Daniel and Andrew get hubby points for introducing us!

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