New York City Public Library Photographer | Dani & Michael

As I was editing their session Daniel peaked over and commented that Dani looks like a model and he couldn’t be more right! There’s something about the way that her hair falls that makes her effortlessly beautiful, she’s as kind as she is pretty and when I saw that we were both in NYC I knew we had to get together.

Michael is about to begin his journey at Colombia and they made the trip up together to move him in. They’ve been dating for the past five years and I can’t imagine how exciting and scary this time is for both of them. Watching someone that you love grow has got to be one of the best things out there. I’m so thankful that I had the opportunity to document this time in their lives, my hope is that they can pull these photos out whenever they miss each other and remember exactly what it feels like to be in the others arms.

Wedding_Photographer_New_York_City_Public_Library_Anna_K_Photography_Photo_0001 Wedding_Photographer_New_York_City_Public_Library_Anna_K_Photography_Photo_0002 Wedding_Photographer_New_York_City_Public_Library_Anna_K_Photography_Photo_0003 Wedding_Photographer_New_York_City_Public_Library_Anna_K_Photography_Photo_0004 Wedding_Photographer_New_York_City_Public_Library_Anna_K_Photography_Photo_0005 Wedding_Photographer_New_York_City_Public_Library_Anna_K_Photography_Photo_0006 Wedding_Photographer_New_York_City_Public_Library_Anna_K_Photography_Photo_0007 Wedding_Photographer_New_York_City_Public_Library_Anna_K_Photography_Photo_0008 Wedding_Photographer_New_York_City_Public_Library_Anna_K_Photography_Photo_0017Wedding_Photographer_New_York_City_Public_Library_Anna_K_Photography_Photo_0009 Wedding_Photographer_New_York_City_Public_Library_Anna_K_Photography_Photo_0010 Wedding_Photographer_New_York_City_Public_Library_Anna_K_Photography_Photo_0011 Wedding_Photographer_New_York_City_Public_Library_Anna_K_Photography_Photo_0012 Wedding_Photographer_New_York_City_Public_Library_Anna_K_Photography_Photo_0013 Wedding_Photographer_New_York_City_Public_Library_Anna_K_Photography_Photo_0014 Wedding_Photographer_New_York_City_Public_Library_Anna_K_Photography_Photo_0015 Wedding_Photographer_New_York_City_Public_Library_Anna_K_Photography_Photo_0016

  1. I love these!! Such a fun city vibe with beautiful architecture!!

  2. Brittany K says:

    I love this session so much! What a beautiful place to have your engagement session. They are super cute together 🙂

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