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May 21, 2015

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When Daniel and I travel we photograph our adventures on film. I love reliving the adventure all over again when the scans come in. It’s a funny thing how we always feel the need to share our lives in real time and this has helped me to step back and truly enjoy the moments that we have together. No more phone to face all of the time and that my friends is a magical thing. 

Last month we packed up our bags, hopped on our flight and started the day bright and early in New York City. We rented a little airbnb apartment in the East Village and after we checked in we were on our way to explore the city. We’ve been together once before, but this time we had plan! I’ve always wanted to see NYC from above so we headed to the Top of the Rock. The views are spectacular and it took us a while that once you were on the balcony you could go up two more flights of stairs and get super high. 

The next few days were filled with walking, meeting up with friends, watching Rangers games, exploring the MET and photographing amazing couples. If you haven’t been to the MET you really need to go. Ever since I was a kid I’ve loved looking at Egyptian artifacts and they have the coolest exhibit. There was even an area full of Egyptian jewelry and you know I was loving that! We went with the understanding that we probably wouldn’t be able to explore the entire thing, but I was surprised by the amount that we were able to cover. Slowly and methodically we walked through the exhibits that were high priority to us, it’s filled with so many treasures and seeing tangible objects that I’ve looked at him books and online was really amazing. 

Enjoy a few photos of our little adventure, they were all taken on the Contax 645 on Portra 400H processed and developed by the Find Lab

New_York_City_Adventure_the_shacklefords_fine_art_film_photography_0001 New_York_City_Adventure_the_shacklefords_fine_art_film_photography_0002 New_York_City_Adventure_the_shacklefords_fine_art_film_photography_0003 New_York_City_Adventure_the_shacklefords_fine_art_film_photography_0004 New_York_City_Adventure_the_shacklefords_fine_art_film_photography_0005 New_York_City_Adventure_the_shacklefords_fine_art_film_photography_0006 New_York_City_Adventure_the_shacklefords_fine_art_film_photography_0007 New_York_City_Adventure_the_shacklefords_fine_art_film_photography_0008 New_York_City_Adventure_the_shacklefords_fine_art_film_photography_0009

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  1. Lauren Swann says:

    Aww love these!! That picture of you is gorgeous, Anna!! XO!

  2. I love these scans, Anna! It looks like y’all had an amazing time!

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