Salvation Mountain

I read about Salvation Mountain when I was a kid and then my interest was sparked again when I saw it in Into The Wild. It’s fascinating that one man would built a mountain of adobe, straw and paint over the course of his lifetime. As we walked up the mountain and through the structures that he created I was in awe. The dedication that Leonard Knight had was pretty remarkable. He found purpose in his message and that my friends is so inspiring. Anna_Shackleford_Fine_art_film_photographer_tiny_living_0009 Anna_Shackleford_Fine_art_film_photographer_tiny_living_0010 Anna_Shackleford_Fine_art_film_photographer_tiny_living_0011Anna_Shackleford_Fine_art_film_photographer_tiny_living_0014 Anna_Shackleford_Fine_art_film_photographer_tiny_living_0012 Anna_Shackleford_Fine_art_film_photographer_tiny_living_0013

Contax 645 | Portra 400 | Richard Photo Lab

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